I am an eagle

who soars so high.

As I fly farther into the sky,

I glimpse more of the Creator

of both you and me.

With eyes wide open

I can truly see–

He is the Only Way, the Absolute Truth,

And the Abundant Life,

come to set the captives free.

To those who have been bound by lies & deception

by our worst enemy,

may you choose to believe this no more.

Instead, take off those chains that you may SOAR!

Surrender yourself to the One

Who knows & calls you by name;

Who loves you;

I promise you’ll never be the same!

Obedience comes through understanding;

Go to it; it takes action!

Abandon yourself to the Holy One;

Forsaking everything—

Set apart for your calling, destiny, & mission.

And now you are prepared and ready to be Released;

To run, not walk, the course you’ve been given–

with eagle vision.

You won’t grow weary;

You won’t grow faint.

Keep your eyes wide open–

For in Jesus’ eyes you are renamed “Saint”!


Written by Heidi Studer, June 6, 2016