I am different,

I’m not the same,

I have been changed in Jesus’ Name.

Bought with a price

By His precious blood,

I am set free and called His Beloved.


I had an encounter,

A personal experience with the Creator,

Who infused me with His

purpose, passion & power.


With His Spirit

He set me on fire

to go ignite others

before they expire.


He opened up my eyes to see

the lost, the hungry, the thirsty.


Go to them before it’s too late.

Spread the message of LOVE,

and not hate.

A message of HOPE,

to not fear.

A message that rings loud & clear,

“With God, you have a bright future!”

A message of HEALING

mind, body, soul—

Jesus is about making us complete & whole.


To be set free—

Of habits, hurts & hang-ups

Believing we are over comers & have VICTORY!


On Christ the Solid Rock I stand

He is my Strength & Song

This is His story

I love to sing

I live to show & tell

This wondrous story

Of His Great glory

All my days long.


Without Him, I am nothing

With Him, everything.



This life is a mystery, an adventure

He fills me with wonder.

A love story filled with

Compassion, trust, & romance;

Jesus beckons we dance.

Let’s dance through life

His hand in mine


“Trust me,” He says, “Step by step, follow my lead,

I’ll get you to where you are to be–

a life of blessing, love & security!

So, put your hand in Mine;

Enjoy & relax with the One so Divine!

Dance with Me.

It will be quite an adventure,

A beautiful journey you will see.

Filled with wonder, purpose & vision—

And rest assured…for all eternity.


Come dance with me, my Beloved,

My lover & soul-mate!

Be joyful & shine bright!

For you know & anticipate



You are the one, my Beloved,

All clothed in white.

I will come for my Bride

And steal you away

To a prepared mansion made of gold

Fit for my Daughter, my Queen, to behold.


This is the GLORIOUS PLAN,

A Divine Conspiracy

The unfolding mystery

of His great Redemptive LOVE for both you & me!


Yes, I am different;

Delivered & transformed,

Never to be the same,

In Jesus’ sweet Name!


(Written by Heidi Studer via the Holy Spirit

On Thursday morning, May 26th, 2016)