Below is a list of my main presentations.  

I am flexible and will accommodate to a particular theme or topic of interest.  Just ask!

I am comfortable speaking to a variety of people (men, women, teens, children).




Defining Moments:  History in the Making

We each have particular moments in our lives that stand out to us as life changing.  Heidi shares just such a moment–her adoption as an infant and the events surrounding it.  You won’t want to miss out on hearing how she was actually “twice adopted”.

Let’s Go On A Treasure Hunt Discovering What Really Matters In Life

Every day we are bombarded with decisions to make.  Life itself is a choice.  Heidi will share how three important discoveries, her truest treasures, helped her through the most traumatic time of her life.  You just may discover these “nuggets of truth” to be your “gold at the end of the rainbow” as Heidi did!

Discovering Precious, Priceless Treasures Through Tragedy

Heidi will share five “P’s” she experienced while going through the deep, dark valley of despair, depression, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Come along to discover how these prominent treasures can bring anyone hope for a better, brighter, bolder future.

The Scarlet Letter:  I Am Different

Labels!  Good or bad?  Depends how you look at it, right?  Yep!  Usually from the outside in.  Sometimes we choose to label ourselves, or allow others to by the way we act, speak, or appear.  Heidi will share how she found her identity in the One who loves and knows her best in the nick of time; and how you, too, can experience true freedom in Christ.

The Greatest Gift of All is LOVE  (Christmas themed)


FOR A RETREAT/CONFERENCE:  LOVE LIFE  (Includes three 30 minute talks)

Title of first message:  How’s Your Love Life?

Life has become complicated and chaotic.  It’s time we get back to the basics–to a simpler, easier way of doing and experiencing every day life.  Jesus came to show us the way, that we might go the way, and then show the way.  And it was all because of a four- letter word that defines LIFE itself:  LOVE!  Jesus is love!  For some, the concept of love is difficult to grasp.  One must be able to love and accept themselves as Christ does.  This is the “love” relationship Jesus came for us to experience!  Heidi will share five “P’s” she encountered as a result of going through the greatest tragedy of her life that allowed her to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is loved by the One who created her and knows her best.

Title of second message:  Love Life

Jesus came that we might experience the abundant life here and now!  But how can we truly love life, let alone enjoy it, when it seems like a roller coaster ride most days, you ask?  Yes, life is busy and complex; however, it is our responsibility to make wise choices based on our freedom in Christ.  Heidi will share from her personal life experiences how God set her FREE from sin and bondage, giving her a new identity, and how He can do the same for you!

Title of third message:  Live Love

What should our response be as a result of accepting, understanding, believing and experiencing new found LOVE in our lives? Choosing to live it! Living it out loud!  Sharing it!  Giving it away!  When you know the way,  go the way, and live the way, others can’t help but want what you have!  Yet, every day we are bombarded with choices, and we will make mistakes.  Heidi will share how she made it through the most difficult multiple choice test given to her in her darkest hour, revealing the answers, so that you, too, may pass with “flying colors” when it comes to your time of testing.


Leadership Principles

Essential Oils for Every Day Health & Well-Being

Who is a Life Coach and How I Got Into The Game